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July 10, 2012
Diane Thieke Every Digital Marketer's Most Valuable Asset: The Extended Network
By Diane Thieke
Every job seeker knows that his network is the key to his next employment opportunity. In theory, every digital media marketer is or has been a job seeker at some point. So why does it seem that we only think about the network in terms of personal use? How can we use our organization's extended network as part of our marketing efforts?

For some reason, perhaps because we're sitting in front of a computer (or, increasingly, navigating the surface of one in our hand), we tend to more closely associate the word "network" with this definition of the word (from Merriam-Webster's):

a system of computers, peripherals, terminals, and databases connected by communications lines

1. The Extended Network

What we forget is that despite the distance and arguably impersonal nature of talking to people via the tiny computer in our hand, the correct definition of "network" (for purposes of marketing, that is) is this (also from M-W):

an informally interconnected group or association of persons (as friends or [...]

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