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June 5, 2013
Diane Thieke Digital Media Marketing Expertise Rendered On the Fly
By Diane Thieke
What’s the corollary to Moore’s Law in digital media marketing? I’m wondering. Surely, there must be one, because the digital media marketing industry is changing with mind-boggling rapidity. I swear that by sunset each day there’s either something new or something different. There’s always a new social media network launching, a new update to a search algorithm, or a change to Facebook privacy.

Recently, another digital media marketing consultant and I were discussing this crazy accelerated rate of change. We commiserated that just as soon as we become proficient in one area, we need to relearn it. It’s like we’re on a hamster wheel running backward. It’s almost impossible to keep up with how things work.

My friend pointed out that 20-somethings approached the boiling pot with much more indifference than we digital veterans. Us oldsters feel compelled not just to stay abreast of new developments, but learn them immediately. We have to be early adopters. It’s what our clients [...]

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