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January 20, 2014
Andrea Goldberg The organizational digital divide
By Andrea Goldberg
As marketers we tend to focus attention on early adopters and marvel at the promise of new technologies and the “next big thing”. We believe that the digital revolution has been won, and that with the right digital strategy and great execution, we will succeed. At our fingertips are the tools to enable instantaneous viral and global communications. We can create and curate relevant content and promote the fact that our organizations have multiple ways to engage with key stakeholders. Things should be going very well.

But are the employees in our organizations all connected and collaborating with one another? Is the information about our products and process readily available to all and are relationships with our clients stronger than ever? Despite our best plans, the types of changes we seek to enact often do not occur. Do we understand why this is, and what we can do to change things? Do we even recognize that we are asking folks to bridge a digital divide? [...]

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