SEO in 2015 - it's all about the links you can't "buy"...
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As you've no-doubt experienced first hand, getting results with SEO in 2015 is a different animal.

It's no longer just a matter of "building more links". Or discreetly buying a few choice links with high "PageRank". These days, it's all about using a light touch, and getting a handful of real links, from real sites.

In other words... it's about getting the links that aren't for sale.

But for larger enterprises, and agencies with multiple clients - how do you do that at scale?

That's a lot of A-grade content to produce, and relationships to nurture... and hiring a publicist that can actually drive results like that can cost a fortune.

This is where PosiRank can help. Last year, in 2014, we successfully placed over 2,700 authentic guest articles, editorial pieces and otherwise true publicity pieces for hundreds of different agencies, and a variety of larger enterprise clients. (And for 2015, we're on track to deliver far more placements.)

So what does actually this do for our agencies' clients, and our own? Well, at the time of writing this, there are exactly 3,704 sites that rank on Google's first page for their target keyword - which have been promoted by PosiRank.

That's the result of quality at scale. This isn't a "guest posting network". This is the result of managing & maintaining thousands of publisher relationships.

Discover how PosiRank can be your "silent partner" in producing awesome results for your clients - at any scale.

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Chris Rempel
Marketing Director

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