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Are you still doing your digital marketing in silos?

By Mike Moran

December 23, 2015

Unless you are a farmer, silos are never good. Yes, I am asking you about the dreaded “s” word when it comes to your digital marketing.

What I see when I talk to most marketers is that they have separated digital marketing very neatly:

  • Website

  • Organic search

  • Paid search

  • Social media

  • Display advertising

  • Email marketing

  • Mobile

  • It’s possible that this makes sense sometimes; I don’t claim to know everything about marketing. But I am talking to clients about a new way to think about their marketing. A way that not only breaks down these silos, but also allows you to break down the silos of digital vs. traditional marketing.

    Here is what I am suggesting:

  • Customer research. This includes all the traditional means of offline market research, but also brings in online methods, such as surveys and communities. Most importantly, it integrates social media listening and mining search keywords for what customers really want. Most companies [...]

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