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Planning and Measuring Social Media Campaigns

A social media campaign that isn't planned around social media data sounds unwise - but believe it or not it's more common than you think. Most marketers have witnessed planning meetings where campaign decisions are made on the beliefs and educated guesswork of a team versus what social media data actually tells them.

That's why we developed our new Planning and Measuring Campaigns Playbook - to guide marketers into making informed social media campaign decisions that are backed up by data and known behavior. The reality is marketers don't often have the time or resources to guess at campaign strategy, and this playbook will put you well on your way to developing campaigns supported by data.

What's inside:
  • How to set the right campaign goals
  • Utilizing paid social media for support
  • Effective campaign research tips
  • Developing a campaign launch plan
  • Validating your approach with follow up reporting

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