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Forrester Report: How Dirty is Your Data?
For years, businesses have collected data from customers in exchange for some reciprocal value. But as personal privacy increasingly becomes a top concern, are we as marketers following the best practices to handle data as we create personalized experiences?
4 Stages to Better Marketing Performance
Many marketers lack the time and resources to quantify their returns on marketing spend, leaving them focused solely on marketing execution.
15 Ideas for Anchoring Your Marketing Approach Around Customer Behaviors and Preferencess
Customers decide where to research, how to buy and when to purchase – and they have higher expectations than ever. Learn how you can better connect relevant data, personalize engagement and move to a more customer centric-approach that will help you meet – and exceed – these expectations. Topics include:
15 Ideas for Anchoring Your Marketing Approach Around Customer Behaviors and Preferences
Customers decide where to research, how to buy and when to purchase – and they have higher expectations than ever. Learn how you can better connect relevant data, personalize engagement and move to a more customer centric-approach that will help you meet – and exceed – these expectations. Topics include:
2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study
To build a world-class marketing program, it's crucial to compare yourself to the best performers – but competitor data can be scarce.
Increase Customer Traffic with Localized Marketing
While some businesses are successful at driving customers to their online and physical stores, others struggle to simply gain awareness.Top performers are succeeding while the rest are falling behind. But the opportunity for lesser known brands to compete, and win, is still there!
Free trial: Integrate and Automate Your Email Marketing
StreamSend offers hundreds of professionally designed templates optimized to render beautifully across all screens, from the computer desktop to mobile devices.
The B2B Marketer's Guide to Attract and Convert More Qualified Leads
B2B marketing continues to evolve to match the needs of buyers, but the one thing that never changes is the need for leads. Increasing lead generation starts with identifying the types of prospects you want to attract, and concentrating your efforts on being where they are. Through content, nurturing, and closer alignment between marketing and sales teams, B2B marketers have the tools to capture even the most elusive leads.
MS in Graphic IT, 100% Online
The Master of Science in Graphic Information Technology degree from Arizona State University focuses on digital technology and production management skills that are essential for leadership roles in graphic communications. The program is available 100% online, with areas of focus that include commercial photography, multimedia, digital printing and publishing, industrial training, web development and more.
Your very own branded email marketing and behavioral automation platform
If so, then it's time to get a private label email marketing and behavioral automation platform to further boost your bottom line!
Twitter Gives Advertisers Ad Groups in Ads Editor
Twitter announced the launch of new ad groups for optimizing campaigns at scale from the Twitter Ads editor, which was launched last year. The company says it has been testing new ways to reduce friction for advertisers building large-scale campaigns, and one such way is ad groups.
Are You Ready For The Communications Degree That Will Take You Places?
How we communicate is changing. Stay ahead of the curve with a degree from Philadelphia University. Our fully online, flexible B.S. in Professional Communications and Emerging Media features an innovative curriculum that gives you the skills to navigate new and traditional media for communications roles of all types. Build your portfolio and learn to craft effective communication at PhilaU, where a world-class education is at your fingertips.
[New Agency Guide] Putting Behavioral Automation to Work for Your Clients
While email marketing is still king, when used in combination with marketing automation and behavioral insights, it reigns supreme.
Why Your Digital Marketing Team Needs to Be Both Deep and Wide
I read a post just the other day about whether a web marketing team should be wide or deep: Wide being the jack of all trades, master of none, and deep being where each strategist is a master at the one thing but useless when it comes to everything else.
Download the newest ESP guide--just released!
Need a new email service provider? You have over one hundred ESPs to choose from! And most do more or less the same thing: send lots and lots of emails. If you're choosing from among those ESPs, you're challenged to make useful comparisons. But that's not the only challenge you face: The constant change within the industry makes ESP selection harder than ever before.
Learn the secret to SharePoint adoption. Watch Demo
No other software will increase SharePoint adoption more than InterChange.
Good Digital Marketing Goals Gone Bad: When It's Time to Change Course
You may have heard this analogy before, but bear with me for a minute. If an airplane takes off and is only one degree off in it’s calculations, it may (or may not) make a world of difference to the passengers. The shorter the distance from takeoff to landing means the easier it is to compensate for the error. But when the takeoff and landing are thousands of miles a part, a single degree can put you thousands of miles off course.
UserReplay - The ROI of Online Customer Experience Management
If your answer is yes, then download our report, ‘The Online Customer Experience - Counting the Cost of Not Knowing’, a multi-region research study of over 200 eCommerce heads which explores current practices and priorities for online Customer Experience Management
Best Practices to Grow Your Business
Growth can mean many different things: increased sales, more customers, a bigger staff, or a larger inventory. Best Practices to Grow Your Business is a quick read full of practical tips for taking your small business to the next level and managing everything else along the way.
10 Lead Nurturing Ideas to Try Today
A 2015 IDC study commissioned by Salesforce found 83% of B2B buyers only want to hear from you if you are able to be relevant and contextual. Lead nurturing is one of the most powerful and sought-after features of a marketing automation system because of its ability to drive revenue and personalize at scale, with minimal investment on the part of sales and marketing. Take a look at our Complete Guide to Lead Nurturing, which includes:
[WHITEPAPER] How Mobile Made Happier Holidays
The impact that mobile had on the holiday shopping season was undeniably strong this year. With mobile devices in-hand or never far from their side, consumers are adopting new pre-shopping behaviors that demonstrate why retailers need to be thinking about Cyber Month, not just Cyber Monday or Cyber Week.
Learn how to sell smarter and faster with CRM.
Until a deal is closed, the opportunity is open. What if your sales teams could sell faster, smarter, and the way that they want? The brand-new Salesforce, powered by Lightning, is designed around the way you sell, and puts data where you need it.
Online Masters in Information Design and Strategy
Professionals with skill sets that include graphic design, experience design, communication, and data analysis are increasingly in demand. Northwestern’s innovative MS in Information Design and Strategy program is an ideal way to become part of an emerging field that’s transforming nearly every industry.
5 Digital Marketing Resolutions to Start the New Year Off with a Bang!
ove ’em or hate ’em, now is the time for resolutions. But who wants to read yet another article about losing weight or spending less money. BOR-RING!

Communication is Changing | Keep Up at Point Park University
The nature of communication is changing. Keep up with an online Master of Arts in Communication Technology from Point Park University. Develop the practical, relevant skills you need in media, design and writing, so you’re prepared for the communication careers of today and tomorrow.

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